My name is Julie Dexter and I have a lifelong passion for helping people and animals with their wellbeing. To this end I have trained in many manual and energetic therapies over my 14 years as a therapist

I started my training in Bowen therapy in 2005 and it remains my 'go to' therapy to this day. I love the gentleness and the effectiveness of it, for so many different conditions. Since my initial practitioner training, I have completed many other, more specialised trainings, including, ' Bowen for Stroke and Fibromyalgia', the' Importance of Symmetry', ' Bowen for Neck and Shoulder Pain', 'Fascia Bowen' ( great for relaxation), the Art of Bowen. and Advanced Techniques.

I also completed my Equine Muscle Release Therapy ( Bowen for horses) training in 2008 and am constantly upgrading my learning, including training as an 'EMMETT for horses' practitioner in 2017. Please see the EMRT page for more details.

Other therapies which I may use as required include; Reike; Quantum Touch Healing; The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Energy medicine. Most recently I added the McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release to my toolkit. Please see the video below. Also visit my blog page for more information about this life changing therapeutic technique.

Please contact me for more information and free telephone consultation.


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