Equine Muscle Release Therapy

Equine Muscle Release Therapy™

Transform your horse with this gentle but highly effective hands-on therapy!

EMRT™ is based on a successful human therapy, which was developed in Australia, known as the Bowen Technique.

This technique was developed by the brilliant, late Tom Bowen and then developed to benefit horses and small animals by Alison Goward in Australia.

An EMRT™ treatment involves a series of gentle, non-invasive, rolling moves made at key points on the horse's body. The sequence of moves creates a circuit within the body, which can free congestion and enhance circulatory and neural transmission throughout the body. EMRT™ is designed to put the body back in balance allowing the horse to achieve optimum health. Regular EMRT™ treatments could prevent imbalance from happening in the first place.

Resolve problems, improve your horse's way of going and help your horse become happier.

These are just some of the issues EMRT practitioners can help with:

  • unexplained deterioration in performance
  • unexplained resistances
  • filled legs
  • irritability
  • sore or cold back
  • stiffness on one rein/disunited paces
  • intermittent or unresolved lameness
  • lymphatic or Lactic Acid imbalance
  • uneven shoe wear, dragging of hind feet
  • uneven muscle development or muscle wastage


How BOWEN and EMRT™ Work


EMRT™ (Equine Muscle Release Therapy) and CCMRT™(Cat and Canine Muscle Release Therapy)  are the animal versions of Bowen therapy . They do not replace veterinary treatment but may be used alongside it for many musculo-skeletal, neurological and functional problems. Bowen can also be invaluable in post operative care, rehabilitation, stress, and behavioural situations.

Bowen is a form of fascial release. Fascia is a thin membrane covering and connecting every tissue and system in the body and is normally loose, moist, supple and elastic enabling movement between body parts. When muscles, joints and tissues are under stress from  injury, compensation or trauma, fascial tissue becomes stretched and inelastic causing incorrect alignment of muscles and bones. This results in restricted movement and reduced efficiency in all the surrounding tissues. The muscles tighten to protect the body and the surrounding fascia produces tough, inelastic fibres creating more stiffness, pain and restriction.

Compensation patterns begin to develop as the body holds itself differently to avoid pain. The muscles can pull the skeleton out of line. These restrictions cause reduced blood, nutrient, oxygen, toxin and lymphatic flow which contributes greatly to susceptibility to injury, lameness, immune system irregularities and even disease. The production of the enzyme required for normal healing of tissues is often reduced. By this time the animal is showing greater signs of pain, gait and behavioural problems and sometimes internal discomfort.

Bowen therapy stimulates the fascial tissue, allowing it to relax and hydrate and enabling the body to return to homeostasis.

Treatments take up to an hour, possibly longer in some cases. Regular breaks are taken between sets of moves. These allow the body to integrate and respond to treatment.

EMRT and CCMRT do not treat conditions or diseases. The body is treated as a WHOLE no matter what the diagnosis or symptoms, bringing it back into BALANCE and HOMEOSTASIS. It is extremely gentle and dynamically effective requiring no harsh manipulation, machines or drugs to work.

Horses find the treatment non-invasive, often relaxing very deeply during treatment and showing responses and releases in their bodies.

Horses and riders treated together will see the best results, as any imbalance in one or the other will affect movement of the combination. Discounts are available for this and also for multiple horses treated at the same yard on the same day.




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